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IBREA Europe Summit 2018

A 45 minute, comprehensive summary of using blockchain in real estate, covering blockchain fundamentals, applications to real estate, bitcoin, a real world use case, evaluating blockchains for your startup, and more.

Pulse of MIPIM

MIPIM Interview. Ragnar Lifthrasir explains what Blockchain is: allows a transfer of assets peer to peer without the need or requirement for a trusted 3rd party - with a record on a mutable, public database.



Realcomm interview, discussing blockchain real estate fundamentals, startups, challenges, and opportunities.

Forbes - The Great Rewrite

Real estate company velox.RE has created a legal blockchain version of a property deed that can someday replace paper deeds. Forbes "Great Rewrite" series.


Crypto Voices

Ragnar overviews his work toward getting real estate deals done more effectively, efficiently, and seamlessly with Bitcoin and blockchain. We talk deeds, title, mortgages, leases, tenants, financials, time-stamping, and tokens. As Fernando has written, when people refer to tokenization in the "real world," essentially they are referring to a "proxy" phenomenon, meaning the token represents something else (as opposed to a "native" token, such as a bitcoin). Historically, the government has always been involved in registering and tracking property rights. So we spend a lot of time discussing the overlap of these two forces: traditional government property ownership recognition, versus property ownership recognition on the blockchain (proxy tokens). We discuss different technical aspects, such as tokenizing on Bitcoin, versus Ethereum, Stellar, or other blockchains. We talk stablecoins, and many other big picture aspects on getting real estate effectively working in the digital age.

Law & Blockchain

On this episode Amy sits down with Ragnar Lifthrasir. Whose sole purpose is to reboot the real estate industry with Bitcoin / Blockchain. Amy and Ragnar define the process of tokenizing real estate. Taking paper deeds and turning them into digital deeds!


Episode 03

October 08, 2018 — 40 minutes

RE Insights

If you are like me and trying to figuring out what blockchain means in real estate, this podcast is for you. Industry expert Ragnar Lifthrasir who is the Founder and Chairman of the International Blockchain Real Estate Association as well as Founder and CEO of velox.RE shares his wisdom with us. There is little doubt this technology is here to stay and will make its true impact known in the coming years. Ragnar does a great job helping to push this topic and our industry forward

Estates Gazette TECHTALK

Ragnar Lifthrasir is one of the leading experts when it comes to blockchain and bitcoin for real estate. The founder of the International Blockchain Real Estate Association (www.ibtcrea.org) and blockchain platform Velox.RE answers the simple and the more complex questions about what blockchain really means for real estate, how it can be utilised, what you should look out for when choosing whom to work with, why bitcoin is better than ethereum and much, much more.

What The - Fintech?!

This is the 9th episode of What The – Fintech!? We interview Ragnar Lifthrasir, Founder of the International Blockchain Real Estate Association and tech start up velox.RE. Ragnar shares his insight about real estate on the blockchain. We talk about what his team accomplished in cook county, tokenizing real estate assets, and even the current bitcoin debate behind the New York Agreement. Tune in for amazing information and awesome advice!